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Rita Gibson Insurance & Investment Services, Inc. serves middle and upper-income families, successful business owners and professionals, executives, and retirees. Rita focuses on life and disability insurance, retirement and estate planning, and business insurance.

“When I started my business twenty-five years ago, my goal was to become a trusted advisor to my clients by helping them organize their resources so they could successfully chart their financial futures,” explains Rita Gibson, owner of Rita Gibson Insurance & Investment Services, Inc. “We help our clients throughout their lives, whether it’s coverage for a young family with a new baby or a retiree who wants to look at generating more tax-efficient retirement income and pass their assets onto their beneficiaries.”

“What satisfies me most is when I can deliver a check, a helping hand, and provide sound advice to a family after death or disability,” she says. “The certainty of cash when it’s needed most during a challenging time can reduce stress and maintain continuity. The family can remain in its own world and live in the same house, the kids can attend the same schools, and the proceeds can provide the income to continue on.”